Refurbished Printers

Buyers are right to be wary when purchasing a used printer. With all the wear and tear and many moving parts involved in a complex device such as a printer, it seems to make sense to go for the newest printers available. However, refurbished printers are not the same as ones that have been merely used. The quality control involved in the refurbishment process can ensure that refurbished printers have quality competitive with new printers, but for a fraction of the price.

Why Buy a Refurbished Printer?

The major benefit of buying a refurbished printer can be summed up in two words: saving money. Refurbished printers can sell for a third of the price of their new counterparts. In addition to savings in the initial cost of the printer, refurbished printers tend to have been on the market longer, making it more likely that ink or toner cartridges will be available. It is sometimes possible that the cost of these supplies will be lower than those of a new printer. Buying refurbished also means that one less printer will end up in a landfill, so there is an environmental benefit from buying refurbished instead of a new printer.

Lower start-up costs can translate to greater opportunities for savings. Asrefurbished printers cost less, there are more flexible shopping options, so that an efficient printer that will end up saving money in the long run can be brought down into a lower price range than would be otherwise available.

The Refurbishment Process

Printers can be refurbished for many reasons. They may be printers that have been returned to the manufacturer or seller because of a problem, or they may be leased printers that have been traded in for newer models. Sometimes, if a printer’s box is damaged, or even if a customer opens the box without even using the printer before returning it, a printer cannot be put back on store shelves. Some retailers return overstock printers to the manufacturer to make room for new product lines.
As they can no longer be sold as new, they are inspected, repaired, tested, repackaged, and resold as refurbished printers, usually at a significantly
discounted price. These refurbished printers have a major distinction from used printers, as used printers are sold as-is, without any testing, repair, or guarantees. However, not all refurbishments are equal. There are differences between manufacturer refurbished printers and seller refurbished printers, and it is important to know what they are before making a purchase.

Manufacturer Refurbished Printers

When a printer is returned to the factory from which it was manufactured for amanufacturer refurbishment, also known as a factory or certified refurbishment, it undergoes a series of tests and an approval process that guarantees that it will function as well as a new printer.
Because it is returned to its original manufacturer, a manufacturer refurbished printer will be refurbished by a technician who has been specifically trained about the individual printer. High-wear parts are replaced, and the printer chassis is thoroughly cleaned and restored to a like-new condition. Ink cartridges are replaced with new ones, and the latest software patches are installed. The printer is then repackaged in a plain brown cardboard box and sold.

Manufacturers often offer 90 day warranties with their refurbished products, though sometimes this warranty can be extended to a full year.
If so, this is a mark of confidence in the printer, as the company would lose money if the printers they warranted failed within the first year of use. Some manufacturers treat their refurbished products in a manner similar to their new products, offering extended warranties, service contracts, and free technical support.


Refurbished printers can provide excellent printing results at a fraction of the price of a new printer. They are a great compromise in that they give a better degree of confidence and security in a purchase than used printers would, and yet they are drastically more inexpensive than new printers. Unlike computers, printers can perform for years without becoming obsolete, so that is yet another reason to look at refurbished printers if your budget is lean. As long as the seller offers a good return policy or warranty, even seller refurbished printers can be a low-risk option, especially if the price is right. By using eBay’s intuitive filters while browsing, you can be sure to find a low-cost refurbished printer that will be churning out high quality prints for years to come.